Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Diva's Challenge #42 - HOPE

Again this week, the Diva's Challenge is both thought-provoking and, for many of us, very timely.  What better expression of "hope" than 100 people from literally all over the world gathering in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, to learn how to share this amazing artform called Zentangle.  I'm so excited to go, meet Zentangle founders Rick and Maria, and spend four days absorbing as much as I can about Zentangle and teaching it and all the new people I will meet.  I hope that the next time you read a post here, it will be written by a brand-spankin'-shiney-new CZT!


  1. beautiful, Lesley! I haven't gotten to the challenge in the last couple weeks, dang it. This one really inspires me. Hoping to get in gobs of tangling in the coming week:)

  2. THis looks great, Lesley. We are all looking forward to meeting these wonderful people from all over, and Carole Ohl.......will be there too! maria


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