Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Challenge #78 - "Auraknot"

What is it about Rick and Maria's latest tangle pattern, "Auraknot", that has inspired such a burst of of creativity and Tangle-ation?  Part of it may be the fun and inventive way they chose to introduce it to us - by showing lots of examples of it without giving us the steps and then challenging us to figure them out with just a couple of hints.  Part of it may have been the additional challenge of having us come up with the name.  Nope, it is definitely the tangle itself that lends itself to so much investigation, exploration, and (dare I say it?) borderline obsession!  Personally, I can't remember being this fascinated by a new pattern since I discovered Rick's Paradox.  In the interest of space, I'm only going to post one Auraknot ZIA (with just a dash of Betweed) at this time for my entry in this week's Diva Challenge (see the link button at right).  But be warned, you'll be seeing lots of Auraknot in this blog from now on - this one is destined to be a Zentangle classic!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Challenge #77 - UMT Fiore di Pietro

I was very moved by Rho Densmore's tangle pattern tribute to her brother-in-law who recently passed away unexpectedly.  She came up with a beautiful pattern called Fiore di Pietro (Peter's Flower).  She shared the steps for this lovely pattern and then invited her fellow CZT's (and others) to use this pattern to create tiles that she wanted to collect as part of a memorial she was compiling as a surprise for her family.  I thought this was such a special gesture and found that this 6" x 6" ZIA pretty much drew itself - I just let it flow.  I'm very happy that The Diva chose this pattern for this week's challenge (see link button at right) so I can share my take on Rho's tangle.  I hope that all this week's participants will think of Rho's family as they honor her brother-in-law.
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