Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not the Diva's Challenge

I went to the Diva's Challenge site (see link button at right) earlier this week to find that she was taking what I know was a well-deserved vacation break, so I decided to come up with my own Challenge.  While wandering around in Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns site, I did a search for Laura Harm's patterns and there I found my Challenge.  Actually, it is a Challenge that Linda Farmer came up with after seeing the Diva's first four Challenges; Linda challenged us to Zentangle our names by using patterns beginning with each letter of our name.  In true Diva fashion, I added a little extra twist by challenging myself to only use patterns I'd never used before.  Below is my name using the following patterns:
Looplopp, Echoism, Slainte, Lotsadots, Eye-wa, and Yincut 
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This turned out to be a very fun Challenge and could be the start of some personalized Christmas presents.  Thanks to Linda for giving me my Challenge fix this week and thanks to the Diva for inspiring it!!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Duo Tangle - Diva Challenge #83

So glad I found time to do this week's Diva Challenge (see link button at right) - I had forgotten how free and easy Mooka can be!  The Diva asked us to create a Duo Tangle tile using only the patterns Mooka and Assunta.  While I ended up keeping the two fairly separated, they created a nice flow around the tile.  One nice "surprise" was how the auras in the negative space created a very Puf-like feel to the Assunta - totally by accident.  I love when that happens!
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tangled Triptych - Going BIG!

I was recently invited to display some of my tiles and ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) pieces as part of Muncie's First Thursday Art Walk next month.  I was thrilled at the prospect, but a little intimidated when the owner asked if I could do some larger pieces.  Other than framing a completed 9-tile Ensemble, the largest piece I've done is a 10" X 10" Zendala.  (Unless you count the 18" x 18" "tiles" on demo pads in class.  Actually, I was trying to figure out how I could make some of those class "tiles" work, but can't get past the look of the newsprint!)  I finally decided that I would try to do larger Ensemble-like tiles.  After finding a frame shape and size that interested me, I set to work on three 11" X 11" Strathmore bristol vellum squares.  I put them together to draw a large string through all three, then focused on each piece separately.  I did put two squares back together if I wanted to tangle over the edges from one square to the next, but for the most part, I just let myself approach each square as if it were my usual tile.  What started out as a real challenge ended up being a really fun project.  The framed size is 36" X 11 1/2".  Please forgive the bad pictures - my scanner bed is only 8 1/2" X 11".
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