Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Diva's Challenge #85 - Copado

I decided to just keep it simple with the Diva's Challenge (see link button at right).  This week we had another UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge; it features Margaret Bremner's versatile tangle called Copado.  Lots of possibilities for tanglations, but this one told me to just stop now.  Who am I to argue?
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  1. Well keep it simple is often the key to a beautiful art piece. I like the copada on the right side at the top. It looks like kissing lips. Lovely. And the second one on the left bottom is very very unique. You have to look good to see the Copada in it, thats great.

    1. Uh can you see my comment, I don't see it?

  2. lovely neat, clean design and great Copada!

  3. I love this tile. The black and white sections are great.

  4. Beautiful tile,
    Great black/white balance.

  5. I agree with every comment above! I am glad I could see them when I highlighted the space where they should have been. You must be the one whose comments are publishing white-on-white. How frustrating! But the impoortant thing is that your artwork shows up! And it is so elegant. What striking, clean design!

  6. Very, very nice. I love the bold heavy blacks with the very tiny dots and other delicate parts.


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