Saturday, October 26, 2013

RAZ - Random Acts of Zentangle

Oh yeah. I have a blog. That means I'm supposed to post to it periodically. Thanks to those of you have checked back occasionally - I'll try to be better about posting!

Lately, I've rediscovered how much I like tangling on the original 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 inch Zentangle tiles. This happened when I started placing Random Acts of Zentnagle (RAZ's) in random places. Thanks to Donna Hornsby's creation of a RAZ Facebook page, I, along with several other Zentangle enthusiasts, have been (hopefully) surprising and entertaining people with our tiles. In the spirit of Random Acts of Art movements, we've been leaving tiles anonymously in places we've been and only identify them as a "random act of Zentangle to be found, enjoyed, kept, or left for someone else to find." I'm fascinated by the mystery of both the person who finds it and intrigued by what they must think of the person who left. We'll probably never meet each other and can have fun imagining who we each must be. Here are a couple of my tiles and a picture of where I left them. Wonder where they ended up???

In the frame department at Target.

On our table at Vera Mae's Restaurant.

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