Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Paradox" Lost? My Paradox Process

Do you still get "lost" trying to draw Paradox?  Try this exercise:

(1) Draw a simple triangle on a piece of scrap paper with one of the points at the top and 2 points at the bottom.

(2) Starting with the bottom left corner ("On the corner") draw a straight line toward the corner at the right but angle the line so that you end up stopping at the right side just above the corner("Off the corner").

(3) Without picking up your pen ("On the corner"), rotate the tile clockwise so that you draw your next line to the right, again angling so that you stop on the right side just above the corner ("Off the corner").

(4) Without lifting your pen ("On the corner"), again rotate the tile clockwise  and draw your next line until you come to the next side line above the corner ("Off the corner").

(5) Continue to repeat drawing from "On the corner" to "Off the corner", remembering to rotate your tile the same direction and always stopping at the inside line just above the corner, until you have rotated and drawn all the way to the center.

Now try another triangle but lift up your pen before you rotate your tile.  As long as you continue to rotate in the same direction and put your pen back down where you stopped your last line, you won't get lost.

After you master the triangle, try the same approach with a square or rectangle.  Adding more sides to your shapes will make your Paradox even more interesting and complex, but still continue to use the same technique. To this day, I still chant "On the corner" to "Off the corner" in my head whenever I do Paradox.

Disclaimer:  I'm right handed.  For those of you who are lefties, you may want to try reversing the direction if drawing to the right feels awkward. You'll still draw from "On the corner" to "Off the corner,but from right to left and you'll rotate the tile counter clockwise.

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  1. Thank you so much for this explanation!! I love Paradox but for the life of me, I always get confused as to which way my lines should be going corner to corner...now I get it!! Aaaahhh--thank you!!!!


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