Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tangling Just For Fun

As much as I love doing Zentangle for the various Challenges and Dares and swaps, every now and then I allow myself to just tangle for the joy of tangling.  The other day, as I was looking at some of the tiles posted by other CZT's, I wondered what I could do with using a bullseye as my string. I starting filling in the rings with a combination of new tangle patterns and old favorites, with no real plan or preconcieved ideas.  Where have we heard that before?  When I ran out of ideas, I stopped and picked it up another time.  It was so relaxing, so pleasing, so satisfying to return "home" to the very essence of Rick and Maria's Zentangle artform.
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  1. Lesley, your Zentangle art on this blog is GORGEOUS! I love how you did an off centered Zendala within a square border in the above Zentangle. I've been tangling samples to promote classes, doing demos, making gifts, and so on. I haven't tangled "just because" in quite a few weeks. I'm going to arrive early for my annual eye doctor checkup tomorrow and tangle "just because!" Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Very dimensional... I love what you did with the corners, too!

  3. This turned out fabulous. I love how it is just a little bit off-center. It makes it much more interesting.


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