Sunday, January 6, 2013

Zendala Dare #39 - "ZenDon't"

I couldn't resist this week's Zendala Dare (see link at right).  First of all, Erin Koetz Olsen's template inspired all sorts of ideas and the additional challenge of the "don'ts" made it even more fun.  Normally, I use several patterns in a Zendala, so my first "don't" was to make it a monotangle.  And what better pattern to use than Erin's own pattern, Socc.  But of course, I couldn't do it all as a monotangle, so I threw in just a little bit of Auraknot as my second "don't."  My final "don't" is more of just indecision on my part.  Usually I either shade it all or none of it.  In this case, I took Solomon's lead and only shaded have of it.    That brings up another "don't" - while it's divided in half, it's not divided symmetrically.  Thanks for pushing me out of my usual comfort zones, Erin.  I always love your Zendala Dares and this time, I especially "don't!"


  1. I love the dramatic center and the way it works outward in gorgeous tangled beauty!

    1. The words did not show up......but just in case I want you to know I love it!

  2. A great zendala! I love the star in the centre.

  3. Lots of don'ts, like that, very creative to do a shading just on half part of the zendala, this didn't come in my mind.wel done

  4. It's a totally cool zendala, and I love your "don'ts", especially the shading one.


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